From Russia with Love

Oh, Russia! Land of vodka, nesting dolls, dashboard cameras, and bad judgment. You're like everyone's fun but kind of dangerous older cousin in a frat house and we love you for it!

Breaking Character Between Takes

I know actors are just people, but it's awfully weird to see some of them laughing and having fun with other actors who characters are supposed to be enemies.

Hilarious Things Found in School Textbooks

Some of these hidden gems you probably never would have found... you know... because it's in a textbook.

Keng Lye's Amazing 3-D Art

These amazingly beautiful works of art will make your jaw drop.

The Amazing Coin Prank

You've got to love any prank motivated by the human need to collect wealth, but this well planned practical joke belongs in the hallowed halls of the Louvre of Mischief.

Slow News Day

Forget about foreign affairs, what civil rights are being taken away from you, or the state of the education system... THESE are the stories that obviously matter!

A Colorful Accident

Everyone was fine after this car went off the road and crashed, but the car's cargo made this a truly epic minor accident.

If the World Lost Oxygen for Five Seconds

Some interesting and somewhat frightening facts about what would happen if we ever so briefly lost that layer of gas we take for granted.

Colorized World War II Photos

You're probably used to seeing photos from before 1950 in black and white, but thanks to a little photoshop tinkering, this collection of American servicemen in WWII comes to you in living color.

Something is Out of Place

Can you spot the thing that doesn't belong?