The Beautiful Insanity that is Skymall

You may have seen one of these catalogues on a flight at one point or another, but have you ever looked in one?  I mean... really looked?

The Art of Being Stupid

Stupid people exist.  They walk amongst us.

Amazing and Stupid Facts About the Human Body

Some of them are amazing, some of them are amazingly stupid, but all of them are true!

Beauty Treatments 100 Years Ago

If you think that women folk put themselves through hell to look a little better today, take a look at what our great grandmothers did a century ago!

Cutting Insults

Great insults from comedians and historical figures.

Funny Fast Food Signs

Whether the result of a bored employee, a bad bulb, or mischievous vandals, these silly signs will make any motorist chuckle.

Interesting General Knowledge

Unless you find yourself on Jeopardy, these tidbits of information will probably not improve your life, but they are quite entertaining at least.

The Best Burns of Summer

The sun is a billion degree ball of gas over our heads, so should we really be that surprised when it bakes us like a chicken?

The World's Most Dangerous Airport

Welcome to Kai Tak Airport... now run for your life!

The Pixar Universe Explained

Welcome to Kai Tak Airport... now run for your life!