Mercedes Reale Conversion

This is a Mercedes-Benz B6 Sprinter that was converted by Lexani Motorcars into an armored luxury van called Reále. This is a car I wouldn't mind doing a cross-country trip in!

China's Fake Paris

We've seen the fake Disneyland in China, but did you know that China is also copying cities now?


Ever come across something that hints at the great sense of humor the universe must have?

From the Mouths of Babes

You've got to love the brutal innocence that spills from a kid's mouth.

Incredible Miniature Photography

Don't always believe what you see! Artist and photographer Matthew Albanese creates and photographs incredible miniature environments that will have you looking twice!

The Fanciest Butcher Shop in the World

A veritable chamber of horrors to vegetarians, the Victor Churchill butcher shop in Sydney, Australia is the Mac store of meat marts with prices to match.

Awesome Pet Owners

Too much attention is paid to the human pieces of filth that see animals as furniture. Here, we salute the pet owners that treat their furry little companions as a valued member of the family.

Inventions You Wish You Thought Of

Some of these people are going to get rich off of amazingly simple ideas!

Fascinating Photos

A picture is worth not only a thousand words, but also a thousand smiles, a thousand heartaches, and a thousand tears. Here's a collection of photos you might like.

Rare Behind the Scenes Pictures

What we have here are a series of pictures that show precious rare looks behind the scenes of some of our favorite films.