Kids are Cute

Although there are some days I think they are awful and really should be made illegal to own, children can be adorable at times, so let's look at the positive of things for once.

Pet Photography from a Century Ago

They are adorable and proof that we were worshipping and captioning cats long before the internet came along.

History in Color

Some might decry the process of colorization, but it can add a brand new level of dimension to famous black and white photos.

When Abandoned Animals Find a Home...

It never ceases to amaze me what the power of love can do.

Amazing Civil War Portraits

It's easy to forget that The Civil War was once fought by human beings. Fortunately, this intimate collection of portraits of soldiers and their families give us a unique personal look into those people.


Hippies get a bad rap nowadays, but taking a look at these wonderfully rare pictures, it's not hard to see why it was an appealing lifestyle.

Beautiful Frozen Lighthouses

Freezing rain, blowing water, and freezing temperatures can turn an ordinary everyday lighthouse into an amazingly beautiful fantasy castle.

The Devastation of Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy roared through New Jersey and New York becoming the second most costly storm to ever hit the United States.

Mountain Shadows

When a mountain casts a shadow, it's a beautiful phenomenon that deserves to be shown to others.

Incredibly Offensive Comic Book Covers

Sure, some of them were made decades ago, but still... damn...