True, there are times when a cool head will prevail, but then again there are also times when the appropriate response is pure unbridled panic.

Trees Eating Everything

A lot like your average couch potato, trees just sit in one place getting larger and larger with time and anything that happens to be next to them will become absorbed... like remote controls get lost in a fat person's belly rolls.

Fun During the Flood

Floods are terrible awful things and no one is denying that they suck, but at the very least, it can be an excuse for a little childish mischief.

Odd Angles

Take a look at these photos that show something incredibly strange... that turns out to be something amazingly ordinary at an unordinary angle.

Home Improvement Ideas

If I had the money or was talented in the least bit, I would totally do this stuff.

Grand Theft Auto in Real Life

GTA5 is out and it's taking the world by storm! Literally!

Surprising Facts

From prostitute pirates to sleepy snails, check out these facts that will caress your thinky-thing.

More Rare Photos from History

History is fascinating and it seems like we're uncovering more of it every day. Here is yet another collection of photos you may have never seen before.

Tattoo Removal Nightmares

I've joked before that tattoos are permanent, but then again there is always tattoo removal procedures and they totally work, right? Well... not all the time. A lot of the time, you end up with a big ugly painful mess.

The Merriest Cemetery

This colorful collection of markers denote the final resting place of many of the residents of Sepintsa, Romania and, due to its rainbow barrage of hand-carved grave markers, has become known as "Merry Cemetery."