Borders from Space

While space travel has become one of the things that has united the people of many nations, one only need take a short rocket into Earth orbit to observe the things we let divide us.


You've seen them from space, but what do some of these borders look like from the ground? Some are imposing, others are innocuous, and others are just strange.

Seems Legit

Prepare your body for more examples of things not appearing one hundred percent authentic.

Unusual Photos from History

History is amazing and so are these pictures.  Check out some forgotten moments from the past brought back into the light.

The Scary Insides of a Pretty Flower

You've probably heard of the snapdragon, but what you haven't heard of, that when a snapdragon withers and dies, it leaves behind something disturbing...

Disneyland Really is Magic

I love Disneyland and I don't care who knows it. Looking at these pictures, it's not hard to see why it's the happiest place on Earth.

Amazing Friday the 13th Wedding Photos

Because I got my very first kiss during a Friday the 13th movie, I already see them as kind of romantic, so I see nothing at all wrong with this engagement shoot.

Hilarious Counterfeit Merchandise

Taking a look at these hilariously awful knock-offs and copies of brand name merchandise, it's not hard to see that most of it gets bought for the comedy value.

The Leopard Seal and the Diver

This photographer from National Geographic Magazine came face to face with Antarctica's top predator and witnessed something amazing.

The Hidden Dungeon

The person who took this set of pictures discovered something unexpected under his new apartment. I think this is how most horror movies start.