The Zombie Car

This parked car sat abandoned in a parking lot in the Chinese province of Sichuan for such a long time that it became overgrown with ivy and the locals started calling it the zombie car.

History's Buried Treasures

More hidden history has been brought out of the shadows and into the light, so let's take a stroll through days past together!

Great Halloween Costumes

Proof that the best Halloween costumes are never bought at a store, but the best Halloween costumes come from creativity, nuttiness, and a little skill.

The Disneyland Costume

Probably one of the most ambitious DIY costumes we have ever seen, this guy spent Halloween as the entire Disneyland park! Hope he doesn't have to go through any doors...

Yearbook Funnies

These ingenious little creeps snuck some pretty funny things into their yearbook. Take a look.

Outstanding Halloween Costumes for Couples

What's the use of going out on Halloween if you're going alone?  Best get a friend and coordinate, girlfriend!

Amazing Halloween Facts

Halloween is about more than just candy and costumes... amazing as it sounds, there are some amazing facts about this rich celebration.

Vintage Pictures of Los Angeles

This set of pictures, taken anywhere between the 1960's and the 1800's, show us the Los Angeles of days gone by, which are a stark contrast to the city today.

Bilbo Baggins Flips You Off

Martin Freeman of The Hobbit certainly enjoys giving people the finger.

Funny Animal Photobombs

They ain't doin' nothin' wrong! They just want to be in the picture too!