The Abandoned Astrodome

The Astrodome in Houston, Texas can't catch a break. It seems the city is absolutely refusing to pass a bond to renovate it, so it's just sitting there abandoned and dilapidated.

Things That Exist

I'm not going to say that all of these things are necessarily good things, but they are all at least worth the raise of an eyebrow.

Fun at the Office

I know that "Fun at the Office" is usually an oxymoron, but it does happen and I hope to Jebus that one day I will be in one of these places and get money for being there.

The Twisted Trees of Slope Point

 Slope Point's trees are bombarded by Antarctic winds that travel across the Southern Ocean creating some of the most strange natural artwork in the world.

Outstanding Tattoo Cover-Ups

Was your first tattoo the tattoo artist's first tattoo too? Fear not, for although your ink is permanent, there are creative solutions to change your marks for the better!

Dressing the Dead

 In Indonesia, people observe a tradition known as "Ma'nene" in which the mummified remains of dead ancestors are exhumed and dressed in new clothing every three years as a symbol of love and respect for the dead.

Panoramic Mutants

Those smart phone aps that let you take panoramic pictures sure are neat, but sometimes they can turn ordinary people into terrifying mutated monsters.

Breaking it Gently

These were made by a doctor as a joke for some students, but you have to admit... it would soften the blow.

The Last Day on Set

When a television show wraps or a movie finished up, you often hear stories about how actors wept at the fact that they were  goodbye friends they had worked with for years. Seeing those moments captured in pictures is quite emotional.


Keratoconus is an eye disease marked by a deformation of the cornea into a cone shape causing a loss of vision. Bill Cosby recently revealed that he is suffering from this condition.