Words of Wisdom from Animals

These words of wisdom may not make a lot of sense, but what are you expecting? They're animals!

Smart Pictures

These pictures but the "smart" in "intelligent!"

The Weird Wonderful People of Russian Social Networks

You may look at these people and be all judgmental, but I only see them as the strange freaky weirdos who make the internet the neat place it is.

McDonalds in Taiwan

Looks like this McDonalds has figured out a way to distract their customers from the crap they are eating. I can't fault them on it! Good job!

Standing on the Edge

The French Alps has a new attraction for those of you with nerves of steel and bladders of platinum.

Hobo Nickels

The Hobo Nickel is slang for the artistic modification of coins, usually nickels because they are softer than the others.

Little Angels

The Pit Bull has a rather unfair reputation as a vicious dog when, truthfully, if they are raised by the right people, they are the sweetest and most loyal dogs around.

Mind Blowing Facts

Here are a few facts and tid-bits about things that you will probably lie about and say you already knew.

Plot Holes

I hate it when I'm enjoying a movie and someone starts in on miniscule plot holes. Still, sometimes these obsessive nitpickers do have a point.

Things Prison Inmates Made

There's a very good reason why prisons conduct cell inspections.