Frost Flowers

I live in Texas where nothing beautiful ever happens, so to see something like this is completely alien to me. Seriously, I never knew this kind of thing actually occurred. It's amazing!

Bill Murray is the Most Interesting Man in the Universe

Forget that poser in the beer commercials, if you're looking for the most interesting man in the universe one need look no further than Bill Fucking Murray.

The War Within You

We've shown off some macrophotography before, but never anything this intimate because everything you see here is inside your body.

Messed Up Facts About North Korea

I'm sure this is just Western propaganda against a living god or something...

A Trip Down Memory Lane

It's amazing how looking at obscure pop culture and obsolete technology can make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


They say everything is bigger in Texas if you don't count the IQs. Journey with us now to the God-fearing, gun-loving hell on Earth I have called home all my life.

Frozen City

I'm not sure where these pictures were taken, but they show the absolutely stunning result of a massive ice storm that blanketed and encased an entire village.

Vintage Video Game Ads

Back in the old days when cartridges ruled and there was no such thing as fucking downloadable content, print ads for the old systems and games ruled comic books and magazines.

Faith in Humanity Restored Again

While the jerks of the world may get the most attention, I like to think that there are many more good people working behind the scenes making the world a better place.

Awesome People

There's no sure way to be classified as "awesome." Some people achieve it by being generous, others by following their own beat. While we're not sure how you can become awesome, these people have got it down to an art.