Vintage Ads for Drugs that are Illegal Today

Hard to believe some of this stuff was sold straight up over the counter.

Extremely Interesting Pictures

Take a look at these. Take a second look. Look it how awesome they are!

Kirill Oreshkin is Out of his Goddamn Mind

Without the aid of equipment or safety gear, Kirill Oreshkin climbs buildings, statues, and whatever he can get his hands on to dizzying heights and then takes the most gorgeous selfies imaginable.

Spot the Sniper

Can you find the sniper carefully hidden away in these photos before he finds you?  Trick question, dude... he already sees you and holds your fragile life by his trigger finger.

Atop Shanghai Tower

These urban climber may be completely off their meds, but they take some amazing pictures. Don't try this at home or you will become street pizza. Plus you don't have a skyscraper at home.

Disturbing Asylum Pictures from the Past

Were you about to go to bed and dream peaceful dreams? Let me put a stop to that right now.

Amazing Things Found on Google Earth

I love Google Earth. It seems like no matter how long I use it, I'm always discovering something fun and new. Take a look at some of these things: Some beautiful, amazing, and a little weird.

Hilarious Korean Yearbooks

It seems, if you go to certain schools in South Korea, there is an "anything goes" policy with school pictures which appears to be the most brilliant idea ever.

Unusual City Names

Travel the roads of the world and you'll end up in some weird places with some weirder names.

Amazing Color Photos of New York City from 1900

Black and white is always nice, but color photos always seem to make things feel more alive... more recent and relevant.