The Wit and Wisdom of Gary Busey

These are the pearls of wisdom that will change your life straight from the most insane man in Hollywood.

The Derelict Churches of Detroit

There are times that it seems like even god has abandoned Detroit and those times are the times that you  walk into these churches abandoned by the fleeing population.

Fun Facts for All

Allow us to expand your knowledge with these meaningless facts that will add absolutely nothing useful to your brain.

Even More Interesting Photos

From the beautiful, to the strange, to the morbid, and to the amazing, these pictures are sure to catch your attention and shred it to pieces.

Illusions: Don't Believe Your Eyes

Despite the fact that we rely on our sight more than any other sense, it is a flawed thing and easily fooled by the simplest things.

So, You Think You Had a Bad Day?

Cheer up, you big baby. As you will see, it could have been a lot worse.

Wonderful Old Photos of New York City

These photos from the 60's and into the 80's show a lovely cross-section of culture, tradition, and history that reverberated through the Big Apple.

Hacked Traffic Signs

Those digital signs you see on the side of the road? Apparently, they're easy to hack and change and here are a few that have fallen victim.

Two Sentence Horror Stories

Is it possible to disturb and scare someone with only two sentences? That depends on who you are, I guess, but these authors make an incredible go of it.

Japanese Graduation

In most places in the world, a graduation is a solemn... boring ceremony where dress is strictly formal. At this school in Japan, the dress code is "anything goes" and it looks way more interesting.