Why Bill Gates is an Amazing Man

People talk crap about Bill Gates, but they are missing the story on a guy who changing this world for the better.

Beautiful Albino Animals

Even though albinism is a genetic defect, the effects on ordinary animals can be stunning.

Otter Kills an Alligator

I'm sure from now on, if the other alligators decide to go swimming in this river, they "otter" be careful!
I'm sorry.

The End of the World Cinema

In the middle of the desert, you will find a cinema that never showed a single movie. Rows of chairs stand preserved in the burning heat and projector equipment silently waits for a premiere that will never come.

Rather Unusual Names

Did you ever meet someone, learn their name, and then instantly forget it? I don't think that would be an issue with these people.

Toy Aisles of the 80's

Oh, how I dream of going back in time and roaming the aisles of my childhood back in the days of GI Joe, Thundercats, Star Wars, and Transformers! Those were the days!

Calamitous Construction

Looks like someone spilled stupid sauce all over the blueprints again!

Walt Disney World Construction

Since it was open in 1971, Walt Disney World in Florida has been a tourist Mecca for families and a dream destination for kids everywhere, but it didn't just appear overnight.

Bitter Graves

Some people are bitter sarcastic assholes in life and in death... well, apparently nothing changes.

The UTA Flight 772 Memorial

Nineteen years after an air disaster, the families of the victims returned to the desert crash location and made something amazing.