The $9000 Dream Home

This man started with nothing but a pile of dirt in the middle of a Thailand mango farm, but in less than two months, constructed a home that is as unique as it is in harmony with nature.

Odd Useless Facts

The best facts are odd and useless. Anything normal and useful are... well, they're facts too, but they're just not as much fun.

Strange Places

You may actually want to visit some of these weird places in the world, but take our advise and don't go alone!

Life Tips

Little tips and tricks to make your life better and sometimes make your friend's life a little more difficult but such is the way of things.

Big Bills: Rare United States Money

I like big bills and I cannot lie.  You other brothers can't deny...

Creepy Abandoned Malls

It's funny how a few years of abandonment can turn a mall into the set of a horror movie.

Star Trek II Storyboards

Take a look behind the creative process of the best Star Trek movie ever made.

Memento Mori

When photography first came along, it became a fad to take pictures of dead people.

Why the Window Seat is the Best

You will never settle for the aisle seat again.

Sand Castles

Sure, you've seen sandcastles before, but have you ever seen a castle etched into a single grain of sand? Of course you haven't! Take a look!