Cats Are Dicks

They do not respect you, they do not like you, they don't care about the things you love. They are complete dicks.

In The Ghetto

Ever take that wrong turn off the freeway? You know which turn we're talking about.

Transforming a Junker into a Sports Car

This enterprising man took an ugly junk car and, with a lot of patience, skill, and expanding foam, turned it into a true beauty. You won't believe what he ended up with!

The Boy Who Begged to Die

The amazing and heartbreaking story of Chen Xiaotian and how in death, he saved his mother's life.

Cursed Paintings

A collection of cursed and disturbing paintings. You'll have to decide whether they are inherently evil or not. Did I mention that some of these paintings curse you just by looking at them? Well, enjoy!

Australian Wildlife Wants to Kill You

Just by looking at these pictures of things that crawl, slither, and creep... you will probably be poisoned and devoured.

When the Sun Dies...

One day, billions of years from now, our sun will die. What do you think that will be like? It will probably suck.

Powerful Pictures of Human Beings

The things that make us human are wonderful and terrifying, beautiful and ugly. Gathered here are images that demonstrate the human animal at all extremes.

Nightmare Fuel

You weren't going to sleep anyway. Not with that breathing coming from the dark corner of your bedroom. Don't look... it won't do anything if it doesn't suspect you know its there.

Cute Rude Notes from Kids

If anyone is the master of the passive aggressive note - and, in some cases, the aggressive-aggressive note - it is the child.