Brilliant Ideas

Laugh at these weird inventions all you want, but somewhere someone is making a million dollars... probably not off of these ideas, but off of something like internet porn or some junk.

You're Doing it Wrong

Through bad luck, bad timing, or sheer stupidity, these people set bad examples that all of us can laugh at.

Teens Are Dumb

While I fully understand that most of the people who come to this page are teenagers, I also understand that they are very very dumb people and will be until they have kids who will no doubt be dumber.


The USA ain't perfect and in some ways, we're perfectly imperfect and it's in these perfect imperfections that we have reasons to celebrate the strange bizarre underbelly of America known only as 'Murica!

No Peeing Here!

Some people just think they can whip it out and give a golden shower on the doorstep or fence of anyone they please! These business owners have had enough and are making a plea to the community: Please stop tinkling here!

An Odd Truck for a Specific Job

Take a look at this weird half truck. Believe it or not, this isn't some artistic statement or a vehicle rescued from the junkyard - this truck has a purpose. Think you can guess what it is?

The Local News Goofs

Oh, local news, with your college intern crew and your shoestring budgets, you never cease to entertain me.

Rare Pictures from History

As we do every other month, here are the latest rare historical pictures we could dig up. Please enjoy.

Sad Batman

The first picture of Ben Affleck as Batman finally hit the intertubes and, of course, the intertubes made a meme out of it. Check it out and tell us why you think Batman is so sad?


If you're having a bad day, it's time to turn it all around with this collection of pictures that are guaranteed to destroy all frowns.