What Countries Export

Since we know you're all gigantic fans of maps (aren't you?), we've gathered together a collection of maps that visualize what every major country on Earth claims as their chief export.

Trees Eating a World War II Battlefield

This battlefield - untouched for years - has become a morbid and strangely beautiful testament to the power of nature to reclaim what man temporarily destroys.

Terrifying Short Stories

How quickly can someone get the chills from a story? These short offerings show how it's done.

Amazing Natural Phenomenon

The world is a beautiful curious place to behold and sometimes, very rarely, it is strange and beautiful in ways you never imagined.

Things you Cannot Unsee

Unless you want the blissful illusion that is your life completely upended, for the gods sake, do not read this article!

Tacky and Terrible Tattoos

Here at The Slightly Warped Website, we pride ourselves on our ability to look down on other people and judge them with extreme prejudice to make us feel better about ourselves. That being said, look at this idiots...

I Do What I Want

Look out! We got some badasses up in here! Now we pay tribute to those who think that the rules apply to everyone but them and yet... are somehow not complete assholes.

Shut Up and Take My Money!

Presenting a collection of things you never knew you wanted and probably will never be able to afford. You're welcome.

Babies with Eyebrows

The thing started by a bored dad with an eyebrow pencil has taken over the world! Now, skeptical and sarcastic babies are everywhere!

Creepy Pictures from the Past

I have no idea what's going on in this photos and I'm not sure I want to know. What I do know is, they are spooky and creepy and the past was probably filled with skeletons, death, and murder.