Animal Antics

Prepare for the cuteness! These excellent animals are out to lick your face, tickle your funny bone and pee on everything you love.

Funny Yearbook Quotes: Class of 2014 Edition

Every year, yearbooks across the world ask their senior classmen for a yearbook quote and a few of these up and coming graduates go above and beyond in their choice of words.

The Incredible Wonder of Planet Earth

Prepare to have your breath taken away by this collection of animated gifs celebrating the beauty and wonder of the planet you're on..

Simply Great Photos

You don't need Photoshop to create fantastic pictures as evidenced by this large collection of some of the very best. Each one is largely unedited and caught what the naked eye saw.

Food Packaging of Tomorrow

Why do we put perishable food in disposable containers that never break down? The idea behind this ingenious packaging is to create containers with the shelf life of the food they contain.

The Pink Waterfall

If you venture to Canada's Cameron Falls during the rainy season and you are very lucky, you will see the waters of the falls and river turn the color of Pepto Bismol.

Best Camp Letter Ever!

This kid has been exposed to a whole new world which is, I'm sure, the very reason he was sent to camp in the first place. Money well spent.

Passive Aggressiveness

All you miserable pukes who would rather leave a sarcastic or whiney note rather than just speak to people? I don't need to leave any names. You know who you are.

The Art Cave

It's not often that art comes along that you can literally get lost in! Henrique Oliveira, a Brazilian artist created a giant root-like tunnel for people to explore.

Truck vs. Cow

Amazingly, there was only one casualty. Hamburger anyone?