Amusing Facts

These may not make you smarter, but they will amuse you and that's got to count for something!

Acts of Celebrity Kindness

We often hear stories of celebrities acting like spoiled brats and being generally despicable people which is why stories like these should give you hope that there are some famous folk that are good at heart.

Workplace Antics

Work sucks unless you work in a place that allows you to have fun... then it sucks slightly less.

What Are the Odds?

Welcome to a gallery devoted to the rare times when the universe aligns just right and awesomeness spontaneously happens.

Best Friends

If you've been lucky to be in a bromosexual bromance, you'll love these pictures. If you haven't got a best friend, you'll still love them so whatever...

Nutty Netflix Finds

If you spend enough time searching Netflix for something to watch, you're bound to run into a few amusing anomalies.

Salute to the Dads

Anyone can be a father, but it takes a real man to be a dad... I know, it also takes a real man to be a mother. Don't get your panties in a twist, ladies.

More Rare Historical Pictures

Once every other month, we like to gather up pictures from the past that have caught our attention and show them off to you for your enjoyment. So, have fun skipping through history, kids!

Beautiful Views from Above

Satellite images can find previously unknown beauty from its vantage point above the clouds. Even nondescript neighborhoods look almost artistic from above.

The Beauty of Kindness

The world is full of natural beauty, but sometimes the greatest beauty that we can see comes straight from the heart.