The Body Art of Johannes Stoetter

Italian artist Johannes Stoetter creates amazing animal art using human bodies as canvases. Using a special breathable paint, each painting can take up to eight hours to complete.

Facebook Philosophy

Is it amazing or sad that some of our deepest thinkers of today's age appear in the electronic pages of the Facebook?

A Teacher's Awesome Whiteboard Drawings

Mr. Gaston from Dallas Independent School District drew these amazing cartoon whiteboard drawings every week to keep his students entertained in his theater class.

Why Rich Kids Are the Worst...

Constantly bragging, unable to take care of themselves, spoiled, and full of themselves, these are the kind of kids you just want to slap with a minimum wage job and a healthy dose of reality. 

Better Look Twice!

This is a collection of pictures that you just can't take a quick perfunctory glance at. These are pictures that deserve a second look. 

Creepy Old Medical Pictures

The look and function of some of this stuff might just give you the willies, but then again, what do you think a doctor from 100 years from now will say about the stuff we use?

Facts You Never Knew You Never Wanted to Know

These are facts and musings you will be thinking about for a long time... no matter how much you wished you wouldn't.

The Absolutely Fabulous Skeletons of the Fake Saints

When this treasure trove of saints' remains were discovered in Rome, the skeletons were bejeweled and put on display.  One problem, though...

Genius Ideas

Someone better be getting a Nobel Prize for some of these innovations!

Fishing Spiders

Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water... Spiders are well known as the eight-legged NOPE! of the world, preying on insects, but did you know they also have an affinity for seafood?