Faith in Humanity Destroyed... Again!

We've celebrated the best that humanity has to offer and now... behold the dickbags.

Am I The Only One...?

With almost 8 billion people on the planet, you're probably not the only one when you ask if you're the only one. These guys, however... probably are.

Snap Chat Wins

While Snapchat can be a wretched hive of scum and douchebaggery, some folks on there are doing it right.

Pun and Games

Who doesn't love a great pun? I tried writing some once, but like a tight pair of pants, I just couldn't pull it off.

Car Humor

The automobile is an American tradition as much as apple pie, Taco Bell, and sushi and, as such, a lot of weird, cute, and funny things happen in, around and near there. Here are a few.

The Neighborhood Watch

These are either the safest neighborhoods in the country, or someone with some oversized stickers got bored. Either way, living here would be a blast!

Design Fails

Design is a complicated thing with many variables and artistic possibilities, but to mess things up this badly takes true talent.

Fantastically Crude Jokes
I dare you not to smile. That's right... I dare you. With money. Not my money, of course.

Digital Effects Before and After
Say what you will about CGI effects in movies, the things they are able to do with them that you would have never otherwise noticed is amazing.
Plastic Surgery Horrors
Attention celebrities and debutants of the world... stop doing this to yourselves! You look like Hellraiser extras!