Fast Food Follies

Fast food joints don't have to be the depressing temples of unhealthiness and fat we sometimes see them as. Sometimes, in fact, they hold hidden joys for all who look for them.

Jacob's Well

Jacob's Well in the Texas Hill Country is actually the four meter wide opening of a spring that feeds the Blanco River. This is one of the most popular (and most dangerous) diving spots in the entire state.

Creepy Paris Clubs of the 1920s

In the 1920's, Parisians experienced a great interest in the macabre and so, a number of dark nightclubs opened across the city: the most famous at the time was “The Cabaret de l’Enfer”

Fish Overtake an Abandoned Mall

When fish are introduced into an abandoned and flooded mall to combat a mosquito infestation, they take the place over!

Hairless Animals

Take a coat of fur off a normal animal and it almost becomes unrecognizable! Can you guess what you're looking at before you read the caption?

The 70 Year-Old Traffic Jam

Welcome to The Chatillion Car Graveyard in Belgium. The urban legend says that the cars belonged to US servicemen who couldn't take them back to the states after World War II...

Coincidental Ads

Have you ever been surfing YouTube or Google and get the feeling that the collective consciousness of the internets is trying to tell you something?

Delicious Irony

The irony runs deep with these pictures as is the irony of when someone argues what irony really is. Is that ironic? Of course it is.

The Difference Adoption Makes

These before and after photos show the amazing difference a loving home makes on homeless dogs.

The Most Dangerous Toys Ever

If you owned any of these toys as a kid, you are probably dead now.