The Best Kid's Bedrooms

While I was grateful to have a roof over my head growing up, these bedrooms make me realize just what pathetic slackers my mom and dad actually were.

Hilariously Adorable Baby Pictures

Who doesn't love a baby ruining a perfectly good portrait with hilarious facial expressions?

Japanese Love Hotels

Love Hotels are quite popular in Japan. Unlike a typical hotel, they are all designed around particular themes so that couples can live out their fantasies.

Everyday Fails

Here at The Slightly Warped Website, we celebrate failure it all of its amusing forms... unless it happens to us because that's not funny.

Bridge Building

The people of Cuzco, Peru spend three and a half days creating a hand-woven suspension bridge over the Apurimac River every year. This is an amazing village tradition that has been going on for centuries.

Car Humor

That smog-belching gas-guzzler parked in your garage (or your mom's garage, I guess) is a great source of laughter given the right circumstances.

How to Completely Fail at Your Religion

Some religious people are very nice and accepting folks, but then there are these assholes. If any of this does offends you... you are one of those assholes, by the way.

Drug Smuggling

The stuff here represents a fraction of the drugs that are actually discovered... which is a fraction of the drugs that aren't discovered at all and make their way into the country

A Tree That Can Produce 40 Types of Fruit

This living arboreal masterpiece was the brain child of Sam Van Aken who used his knowledge of grafting to genetically combine different species of stone fruit into one supertree.

Strange Things

Get that left eyebrow of yours ready to rise as you take a gander at all of this weird stuff.