Heartbreaking Anonymous Secrets

We don't know who said these things or how they are doing, but just reading them makes me want to treat people better in the future.

More Amusing Facts

I'll let you all debate the validity of these facts until you're blue in the face. What do you want from me? Actual research? Sheeesh.

More Very Interesting Pictures

Some of the strangeness, ugliness and beauty of the world around you in easy to see picture form.

Color Mutations in Animals

While the look of some of these rare and precious animals might be the result of a genetic mix-up, they are beautiful in their own unique way.

Some Old Things

Here is a selection of the oldest known forms of some of the things you might use every day. It will make you thank whatever gods you believe in for sweet sweet progress.

Cringe Inducing X-Rays

Sometimes you know that you're in trouble, but it takes a good x-ray to show just how screwed you are. Get ready to wince, folks.

Amazing Wildlife Photos

These are some of the best nature pictures you will ever see. Check the lower left side of the photo for the photographer credit and check out some of their other stuff online.

Random Facts

It's time for you to bend over and take another load of useless information!

Funny and Disturbing Video Game Glitches

Say what you will about 8 bit Nintendo, it didn't scar me for life or keep me awake at night.

Dying with Style

Not all of us are prone to throw off our mortal coil in such a mundane fashion. A few of us do it with a little more pizzazz.