These Cats Don't Care

If you were looking for a fuck to give, these cats have none. They don't mind... they know you're going to be killed in your sleep.

Astounding Wildlife Photos

It's wild out there and these photos capture it in all its natural glory! Credits are in the photos.

The Bobbit Worm

I used to have one of these horrible things in my fish tank. You ever see that movie, Tremors? It's basically the same time only Kevin Bacon won't save you.

Antics at the Workplace

These people are hardly working, but doing a brilliant job at it.

The Most Reliable Witnesses to UFOs

When it comes to UFOs and alien abductions, I am a complete skeptic and don't believe a word of it, but I have to admit that stories like these give me pause.

Robin Williams

Doctor, genie, alien, penguin, president, robot, jungle wild man, nanny, Peter Pan, Popeye... a tortured soul, a razor wit, one of a kind... the funniest man in the universe. Robin Williams.

Sensational Sand Sculptures

Aw, you made a sand castle when you were a kid? How adorable.

Ghost Children

As I've said before, I don't really believe a lot of these stories, but I enjoy hearing them and keep an open mind at least. That in mind, enjoy these seven supposedly true tales of ghost children.

Baseball Card Vandals

I am no fan of baseball, but this is one of the best things I've seen all day.

Prototypes of Famous Technology

Everything from your iPhone to your computer came from something and these things we highlight here are the original prototypes.