Hoaxes Pranks and Fakes

Did you fall for any of these when they first hit? If you did, don't feel bad. A lot of people did. Now, you can get the story behind the made-up stories.


You are about to get a gigantic red mark on your forehead from what you are about to see in this gallery.

Ghost Animals

As I've said countless times before, I'm an open-minded skeptic and I don't really believe any of these tales, but I do love them nonetheless. Nothing like a good ghost story!

Climate Change Today

Yes, climate change is a real thing. No, it's not naturally occurring, it's mostly our fault. Yes, there is plenty of evidence that its our fault. Yes, it really is a major issue.

Adventures in Babysitting

A couple was asked to babysit a friend's 6 month-old baby, so they sent them hourly picture updates to show what a great job they were doing.

Mom's Names for Game of Thrones Characters

When Reddit user, T2000iceCOLD, finally got his mom to watch his favorite show, he decided to quiz her on the characters' names. She failed... or won spectacularly.

One Trip Wonders

Taking two trips is for quitters and pansies. With one trip, you leave more time for leisure activities like unloading the massive load you took in one trip.

Ingenious Ideas

Oh my gods, why are we not funding these?

Strange Ice Cream Flavors

If they served ice cream in Hell, it would be very impractical because it would melt. However, if it didn't melt it would probably taste like this...

If You Pass Out at a Party...

If you're lucky, you have friends who watch your back if you happen to pass out drinking at a party. This guy... he wasn't lucky.