USB Finger

If you loose it, why not replace it with something useful?


The Strange Fate of Elmer McCurdy

How does one go from being a feared outlaw to a dummy?


Home and Garden

Police uncover something unbelievable in a suburban neighborhood.


Sir Jeffery Hudson

Member of a royal court, pirate slave, religious prisoner, and... pie filling?


Nail Art

Saimir Strati can create a portrait with nothing more than a hammer and some nails.


You're "Putin" Me On!

Oh, Vladimir, when will you just die?


What happens to a wood floor when one man prays in the same spot three thousand times a day for twenty years?


Fresh Pineapples

So, seriously, you have no idea how fresh these pineapples are!


A sad yet uplifting testament to both the power of cruelty and love.


The First Harley Davidson

I guess everything has to start small.