Odd Album Covers

I can't tell if these are just the result of a night of drugs, bad taste, or art that is beyond my comprehension. Wonder what the music sounds like...

Completely Appropriate Pictures

There is nothing lewd or dirty about any of these pictures and, if you think there is, the problem is with you and your sick little mind.

That's Not Supposed to Happen!

Having a bad day? This healthy dose of schadenfreude should make you feel better.

Facts You Might Find Interesting

Everything you never knew you wanted to know about Mormons, Stalin, eyes, pot, and many many other fascinating things!

Dog Hacks

Since we all love our dogs, why not take a look at these few tips and tricks to make life with your best friend all that smoother?

Haunted Schools

As if some of you didn't need another reason to want to stay away from school, I have one anyway... ghosts!

A Nuclear Power Plant Turned Into an Amusement Park

Kernies Wunderland is located in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, just north of Düsseldorf and is built on the former site of SNR-300, a nuclear power plant!

Microscopic Images

The infinitesimal can be a universe all its own, especially when you see the hidden world of things you encounter every day.

Words and Terms We Need in the Language

How have we made it so long as a culture without these idioms? This situation must be rectified now!

Epic Food

This food will kill you, but what a way to go!