We're Comedy Central Famous

On the night of September 3rd, 2014 The Slightly Warped Website's Curiosities were featured on a segment of Comedy Central's @midnight. So, to celebrate... it's the first Curiosity about the Curiosities!

Strange Things on Google Street View

Google Street View is an amazing tool if you're looking for directions, landmarks, or stalking your ex, but sometimes every now and then... something appears that is odd beyond words.

Simple Jobs Done Badly

You had one job... ONE JOB!

Random Facts You Probably Don't Know

Prepare to take a hot load of salty knowledge right onto your brain's moaning face.


Ever feel down and defeated, like the whole world is against you and you just can't go on? Well, venture into this gallery and you'll be back on your feet in no time, tearing your clothes off and bellowing a war cry!

Pictures with Amusing Captions

Ordinary pictures are ordinary. Ordinary pictures with funny captions are worthy of a gallery.

Sexting Gone Wrong

When you're trying to have virtual sexytimes with your significant other, sometimes things take a turn...

The Domespace House

Want a home that is unique, energy efficient, and that can help you pretend to be an alien?  Nanoo Nanoo, we've got the home for you!

Amazing Russian Graves

These graves in Russia add an amazing personal touch to the memorials.

Everyday Jesus

Isn't it wonderful how much the Son of God is like all of us? Yep, this is why I'm going to Hell...