Haunted Hotels

Because a vacation is not a vacation unless you are accosted in the middle of the night by dead people!

Maps That Will Change Your World

Think you know the world you live in? Think again, friend, because sometimes, looking at something from another perspective, will turn your globe upside down!

Fascinating Historical Photos

More looks back into history, this time mostly focusing on the time around World War II. Warning: Some of these images may be upsetting.

The Cursed Amusement Park

Abandoned and rusting near Lake Shawnee, this amusement parks seems to be touched by something dark and it's definitely not a place you want to be after the sun goes down.

Girl Marries Dog

Mangli Munda is a 18-year-old Indian girl who is believed to carry an evil curse, so to break that curse her family ordered that she marry a dog that would bear the curse as a result (story of my life, bro).

Animal Photobombs

An animal photobomb is just like a human photobomb, except when they do it it's cute and we still love them.

US States That Didn't Make the Cut

Sure, you know all 50 US states... some of you do at least, but did you know that some states didn't survive to make it into our great union?

Poo Diver

Meet Brendan Walsh from Melbourne who literally has the crappiest job in the world. He is the owner of East West Diving and he is a poo diver. That's right... a poo diver. He literally dives... in poo.

Funny Parents and Other Old People

You think that just because you get old and spawn life-sucking children, you're going to lose your sense of humor? Sure, it happens to most people... but not all of us!

Amazing Brownies

I would do terrible things to these brownies. Terrible terrible things.