Famous Cursed Objects

Did you know that Annabelle, the evil doll from The Conjuring, is a real thing? Turns out there are cursed object all over the globe waiting to fall into unknowing hands. Here are the most famous.


Can you solve these devious riddles without cheating? Test your skills and brainpower and, if you cheat, we'll know... we always know.

Sweet Moments

These are the times you witness and you feel like your heart is going to explode with sugar and rainbows. Try not to smile too much.

Evicting the Dead

In certain cemeteries in Guatemala, the family of the deceased is required to pay a rent to allow the body to remain entombed. If the family is ever unable to pay, the cemetery "evicts" the body.

Immortal Kitty

This series of pictures shows a great cat-tastrophie as a car accidentally kit a cat crossing the road. The driver assumed the animal had been killed and was shocked later to discover that the feline's body was stuck in his bumper... and was still alive!

Rare Apollo Mission Pictures

Remember when we used to go to the moon? How awesome was that? Recently surfaced are these little-seen photos from the later Apollo missions that should bring a smile to your face and make moon landing deniers' heads explode!

Beautiful Moments

Whether from a kind action, a breath-taking landscape, or an act of quiet bravery or comfort, these are the photographs that make the whole world stand still.

Woman Logic

They may be emotional, manipulative, scheming, selfish, immature, entitled control freaks... but we love 'em!

Why We Broke Up...

Couples break up for the strangest reason and, because we love laughing at the misery of others, here are some of the funniest.

Portraits of the Great Depression

Jobs were scarce and any families didn't know where their next meal was coming from. These portraits of people from this era show the human cost of the time.