Things Today's Kids Will Never Know...

The things we old-timers used to go through and do are completely different than the spoiled children today who have it waaaay too easy. Take a look at what I mean...

Terrible Food Products of the 1990's

It seems that, back in the 90's, companies thought we'd eat anything and, most of the time, we did...

Food Realizations

When you read these realizations about what you eat, you'll wonder why anyone ever thought of this stuff for any reason and why you bothered to read it at all!

Rare World War II Photos

Little seen pictures from the second great war, from home and abroad.

Spelling and Grammar Matters

Hey, we all make mistakes when it comes to using the language, but these people made big mistakes in very public ways and, therefore, deserve to be laughed at.

Love and Tinder-ness

The dating app, Tinder, has been making matches for people all over the world and then there are conversations like this...

Inside a Turtle's Mouth

Who would have ever thought that we would find the portal to hell inside the mouth of such a beautiful gentle creature.

Sexist and Racist Facts

Today, unless you're a member of the Tea Party, we tend to look down on sexism and racism, but in years past... they used it to sell you things... kind of like the Tea Party.

Amazeballs Facts

Some of the stuff that has happened or is about to happen is amazing.

Buddhist Pet Funeral

In Tokyo, when a pet dies, the family can receive closure by giving it a most extraordinary and beautiful goodbye.