How to Quit in Style

I'm sure that you've all seen that reporter who rage quit on the air a little while back. In honor of her and those like here, here are other famous quitters who ended their careers in a blaze of glory.

More Very Interesting Photos

Everything you've wanted to know about the Japanese mafia, the Mountain from Game of Thrones, and even Darth Vader's armor!

Television News Fails

When the program is live, you know someone is going to mess it up eventually!

Awesome Kids

Usually, when you hear someone talking about the next generation, they never have anything nice to say which is why we're throwing the spotlight on some amazing little children.

Tacky Tattoos

I'm not sure if these folks lost a bet or were abusing drugs, but some of these tattoos are mind-blowing... just not in a good way.

How to be a Jerk

We all run into people who are selfish, concerned only with themselves, and who generally make life unpleasant for everyone... but these guys here are the jerk de jour.


Buckle up and get ready to cringe, because you are now on the nonstop bullet train to the land of Nope.

Tinder Mercies

What do you know! It's more people trolling the dating app, Tinder! Does anyone actually find love on that thing or is it just populated by snarky jerks?

Beautiful Decay

Abandoned and unmaintained, these locations carry with them an eerie beauty that seems to make the whole world stand still to admire their haunting, stunning neglect.

Deep Thoughts

Here are some thoughts you've probably never had before because you are a sane person.