Ski Jump Toilet

Going poop has never been such a hair raising experience!


The Floating Islands of Zacaton

Mexico's best kept secret.


The Oldest LOLcat

A meme fade?  Oh no, my friend, they've been around for over a hundred years!


A Bad Case of Crabs

Welcome to Christmas Island, home of the worst case of crabs you've ever seen!


A Frog's Lite Snack

No, frog!  That's not for eating!  You're a frog!


Balloon Costumes

The quickest way to get someone out of their clothes isn't alcohol, it's a pin!


Cow Hit By Lightning

What happens when God throws a barbeque...


World Wide Web

Spiders in Texas spin a massive web.  If this is the future, it's a future I don't want to live in!


Toothpick Art

How do you make a horse from a toothpick?  Use lots of toothpicks... lots and lots of them!


The Hand of God

NASA finds an amazing formation in deep space.