Find the Owl

Let's say you're a little mouse, minding its own business when you get the sudden and dreadful feeling that you are being watched by something that wants to make you lunch. Can you spot the owl before you find yourself in its mouth?


This poor guy went to the doctor complaining of stomach pain and itchy skin and, when he was examined, doctors discovered that his body was riddled with tapeworms.

Fashion Failures

In the race to be fabulous, some of the runners trip and fall and land in a great big stinky pile of tacky.

Pure Awesomeness

Today, we are saluting people, places and things that are awesome in big ways or small ways.


We love China! Since they probably own us, we're contractually bound to be nice to them.

Irritating Things

Do you suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder? If so, you're really going to hate this...

People Who Park Like Jerks Pay For It

If you park your car like a jerk, you shall be treated as a jerk and, believe me, these jerks had it coming.

Flying Leopard

Imagine you're a tiny gazelle just eating grass and doing gazelle stuff when all of the sudden, a leopard is chewing on your neck and you're wondering, how did THAT happen?

Inappropriate Kid's Books

I grew up reading some of these books and my parole officer says I'm perfectly adjusted!

Even More Rare Historic Photos

It's always fun to see little hints of history you've never seen before.