Why Are They Crying?

Ah, parenthood... there's nothing quite like it. Just like there's nothing quite like tuberculosis or polio. Here are a gaggle of children throwing a fit. Why are they throwing a fit? Because that's what kids do.

Water Road: Le Passage de Gois

Le Passage de Gois is a roadway that connects the Gulf of Burnёf with the island of Noirmoutier in France, a country that is obviously too poor to build a bridge.

Spooky Female Specters

To help you sleep tonight, here are some tales of ghostly women haunting various places in the world.

More Adult Jokes in Kid's Cartoons

I missed a lot of these when I was young for some reason.

Spelling Matters

These simple innocent things are all made dirty by a simple error in spelling or grammar. When will peeple learn?

Corrupted Disney Coloring Books

This is why you should keep children's coloring books away from demented people.

The Paintings of a UFO Abductee 

David Huggins claims to have been abducted by aliens repeatedly and has created a series of paintings documenting his experience.


More unbelievable fibs than a Tea Party Facebook page, you'll never believe how many mendacities we've come across!

Weird Religious Books

At some point, you would think that one of these writers would have had second thoughts about the title or subject matter, but apparently that wasn't the case.

The Mummies of the Capuchin Catacombs

When the Capuchin monastery of Palermo, Italy outgrew its cemetery, they began to inter the deceased inside of catacombs. By today, it's a popular tourist attraction for those with morbid curiosity.