The Six-Legged Deer

This rescued animal is looking pretty good for a godless freak of nature.


A Slight Accident

Oh, come on... It can't be that ba-- OMFG!!!  WTF!!??


A Veteran's Grave

Just a little something to thing about.


Prom Failures

Take a wild guess as to what happens when you mix parents who don't parent with purposeful ignorance?


Hearing for the First Time

The camera is there for the first time a hearing impaired child hears a noise.


Satanist Failure

Evil can be so very very stupid.


The Coconut Crab

Jesus Christ!  Kill it with fire!


Spongebob Wrongness

Wait a minute.  That's supposed to go where?


The Pregnant One Year-Old

Doctors confront a mystery and discover one of the rarest medical anomalies of our species

The Original Pledge of Allegiance Salute

For the life of me, I can't figure out a single reason why we didn't keep this around!