Funny Fortune Cookies

Are you tired of all of that life-affirming wisdom you get after you gorge yourself at a Chinese buffet? Take a look at these fortune cookies that aren't afraid to advise in a different direction.

Skeletor is Love

Skeletor is Love takes the old baddie from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe and makes him a life coach. The creator has made his exit, but there is so much to discover there. Here are a few of the best.


Inside Out Teddy Bears

I wasn't expecting this to be as disturbing as it is, but photographer Photographer Kent Rogowski turned teddy bears inside out and re-stuffed them.

Insect Imposters

Camouflage and trickery... few are better at it that the insects and, if this gallery should teach you anything, it's that you can't trust nature.

More Mindfudges

Taken at just the right angle, these photos show accidental illusions and brain trickery that will have you mentally decoding exactly what the heck is going on!

More Closer Looks

Through the magic of an election microscope, here are some things you encounter every day magnified to give you a closer look at something you probably never think about.

Unusual Animal Markings

These cuties have got something special hidden on them. Can you find it before you read the answer?

The Human Zoo

This may seem hard to believe, but human zoos existed as recently as the 1930s and it is exactly what it sounds like.

Gigantic Camera

Used for railroad images in Chicago, this camera 3.4 feet (1.06 m) tall and weighed a massive 1115.4 lbs (507 kg).

Winning at Tumblr

I know that Tumblr isn't a game, but these people are winning at it anyway.