Star Wars Early Concept Art

Every saga has a beginning and, in this case, it's not the prequels, it's this very early concept art by Colin Cantwell that, for the first time, visualized the X-Wing, Millennium Falcon, and Star Destroyers.

Walking in Front of Pictures

To those of you who unknowingly ruined pictures for people all over the world, we salute you!

Funny Fliers

You would think that a practical way of communicating the availability or need for goods and services would be immune to shenanigans, but you would be wrong.

Traveling the World by Van

Mike Hudson did what many of us dream about and gave up a normal life for a nomadic one, quitting his job as a systems engineer and converting a rundown, 10-year-old van into a home on wheels.

Very Interesting Pictures

These pictures from around the world don't fit into any one particular gallery, we just found them funny or amazing or sad or poignant in some way and decided to display them together for your enjoyment.

Tables Made of Reclaimed Wood

These are some beautiful tables made out of wood that most furniture makers wouldn't use.

Pooping Around the World

Taking a look at these toilets and... uh... methods from all over the globe, you will agree that there's no place like home... to poop.

Old Theater Etiquette Cards

Believe it or not, movie goers were rude assholes a hundred years ago too. Like today, the early theaters tried to remind these incorrigible dicknuts to act like civilized human beings through etiquette cards.

How to Winter

Some folks can just handle a little chill better than others. Observe them and follow their examples. The Slightly Warped Website is not responsible for frostbite or hypothermia.

Ridiculous Lawyer Billboards

If there's one thing we can take from this gallery, it's that quality legal help is only a phone call away thanks to that ad on the side of the road we saw on the way to the titty bar.