How'd This Happen!?

We're scratching our heads on a few of these and we're experts in stupidity and ridiculousness. Have you got an explanation that doesn't involve aliens or telekinesis?

Totally Innocent Pictures

If you see anything objectionable here, the fault is with you and your perverted mind.

African Child Meets Her First White Person

This little girl in Africa was photographed when she saw her first white person. Her reaction... is perfectly understandable.

Puns That Are Both Hilarious and Stupid

Oh, what a tangled world wide web we weave on the internet when we salute these crazy stupid puns.

A Day in the Workforce

We all have moments like these at any job. Sometimes it's the only thing to keep us from succumbing to the crushing depression brought on by the runaway inequality of our new oligarchical society... or something.

The Models and Miniatures of the Star Wars Prequels

When someone says that the Star Wars prequels were nothing but CGI, an effects artist dies.

Creepy Things Kids Say

What is it that turns perfectly ordinary kids into cute little bags of nightmares?

Perfect Fits

This could be the most orgasmically satisfying thing you will see all day.

Snow Mall

When winter storms rolled through Ohio, the ice and snow broke the skylight at the abandoned Rolling Acres Mall in Akron and the result, captured by photographer Seph Lawless, is both beautiful and eerie.


Laughter is the universal language and it's a good thing too because no one really knows what the hell else these people are trying to say.