Meteor Strike Survivor

A 14 year-old German kid makes scientific history by being at the wrong place at the wrong time.


The Rhino Beetle

If you are afraid of bugs, this probably won't help at all.


Glowing Monkeys

Scientists create glowing monkeys in an effort to better understand human diseases.


People With Tails

Chances are, you might know somebody with one!


The First Digital Camera

The technology is older than you think!


The World's Oldest Tree

They call it Methuselah for good reason because it's the oldest living known thing on Earth.


Dubai Construction Leak

Every now and then, even in the bastion of architectural achievements, someone messes up.


Batman Home Theater

Where would Batman go if he wanted to watch The Little Mermaid in peace?


Glass Frog

A brand new species of frog has been discovered that has transparent skin!


Playboy: The Braille Edition

All right, now they're just mocking the visually impaired!