Cat Catches Bat

Poor little bat is flying around doing little batty things when all of the sudden... POW!


Sears Tower Skydeck

It's made of glass, it's over a thousand feet in the air, and they want you to come inside and look around.

Ray Escape

A manta ray does something pretty neat to keep from becoming a meal.

Extra Digits

Have you ever met anyone with an extra toe or finger?  Don't be so sure!  The odds are, you have!

Innocence Lost

A scene taken completely out of context and, yes, I'm ashamed at this one too.  On the bright side, at least I get to piss off Disney loyalists again.

Gibraltar Airport

Perhaps the strangest airport runway in the world.

The World's Smallest Man

Standing at only two feet tall, Khagendra Thapa Magar is the new record holder for the world's smallest man.


Building Falls Over

In Shanghai, a newly build and thankfully unoccupied high rise overlooking the Dianpu River suddenly and, so far without explanation, fell over like a domino.


Wookie Grab

Chewie!  No!


Unfortunate Restaurant Names

I can only hear so much about genitals and poop when I eat.