The Piglet Squid

Quite possibly the cutest squid on Earth?  Is that even possible?


World's Strongest Vagina

Her naughty bits could kick your penis' ass.


Gum Art

Chewy, pink, and cultured.

How Michael Should Have Looked

If the King of Pop had never had plastic surgery in his life, what might he have looked like?


More Rice Field Art

Asian rice farmer create works of art by creative plantings.


Banpo Bridge

An old bridge is given new life in an incredible way.


Unfortunate Product Names

Sometimes labels loose something in translation and then other times, they gain something.


Famous American Death Masks

A little creepy, but it's the only way you can look George Washington in the face anymore.


Parking Meter Grave

A family honors their fun-loving mother in a very humorous way.


Weird Tattoos

Some people don't seem to understand that this crap is permanent!