Weird and Creepy Graves

Some of these are funny, others unusual, and a few are just creepy!


Blacklight Tattoos

UV or Blacklight tattoos can only be seen under a blacklight.  Otherwise, they are invisible.


Truck vs. Mattress

All the driver noticed was a shimmy when his truck reached top speeds.


Why You Should Check Ads Before Printing Them

I have the feeling someone lost their job over this one.


Roller Coaster Funnies

Some jokers have some fun with the souvenir camera.

Unfortunate Place Names

Some oddly named locations from around the world.


When working together, ants can do some pretty extraordinary things.


The Flip Ship

This 108 meter long ship flips from horizontal to vertical on purpose!


Bad Tans

Some are thanks to nature and others to chemicals, but one thing is for sure: Sometimes it's best just to stay indoors.


Worms Trap a Car

Thousands of caterpillars cocoon a poor unsuspecting car!  You've heard of silk interiors?  Check out this silk exterior!