The Wales Sea Monster

When a six foot long mass of writhing tentacles washes up on a beach, it must be there to eat children, right?

Solar Eclipses from Space

On the ground, they're amazing enough, but if you see one from orbit, it's a whole new point of view!

Hakuna Matata

Two Lion King characters make the starling crossover into the real world.  Obviously, they're walking back to Toontown.


Stupid Protesters

The price we Americans pay for freedom of speech is that a lot of really stupid people use it.


Hilarious Street Signs

Oh, the things you see on the road...


Walking on a Mirror

Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is the world’s largest salt flat and, when covered by a thin layer of water, becomes a large mirror reflecting the sky.

Pictures of the Living Dead

These may look like simple Victorian portraits, but there is something weird about them - these people are dead!

Is This Woman 130 Years Old?

A Russian woman could very well be the oldest person in the history books.


Why Dogs Bite People

The nerd in me loves this.  The dog in me just peed a little in fright.


The Deepest Pool in the World

A hundred and eight feet deep and filled with pure spring water, this pool is a diver's paradise.