Snake vs. Goanna

A tough reptile takes on a tough reptile.  Who will walk/slither away victorious?

Star Trek Home Theater

For the last time, that's not a remote -- it's a phaser set to mute!


Buddha Pears

A very clever Chinese farmer is growing the cutest and luckiest fruit you've ever seen!


The 9 Baby

Michael Berendes is famous and all he did was get born.


Half Green, Half Red, All Delicious!

A humble farmer produces an amazing million to one apple!


Tongue-Eating Parasite

Ever hear that phrase, "Cat got your tongue?"  Turns out that we were worried about the wrong animal!

Not Approved by the Comics Code

Another sad tale of innocence lost.


Google Earth Carpet

A design we can literally waste hours looking at.


Life-Sized Lego House

It's got hot and cold running water, comes furnished, and is very colorful -- also, it's free if you want it.


Epic Rick Roll

Because if you're a student at MIT, the bar is already high!