Dead Fly Art

Who would have thought it?  There's an actual use for dead flies!

Why Birds Are Dying

A disgusting but poignant look at how birds are paying the price for humans living like pigs.


Lost: Simpsonized

The characters of Lost if they appeared on The Simpsons.


White House for Sale

All right, not the White House... but a White House!


Fan Subs Gone Wrong

When the translator doesn't get things right, hilarity ensues!


Forkless Cruiser Bike

A student in Finland comes up with a kickass new bike design.

Schwarzenegger's Hidden Message

The governor of California has a not-so-subtle way of showing that he's unhappy with Congress.

Aokigahara: Forest of the Dead

This small wooded area near Mt. Fuji is Japan's suicide capitol.  Warning: disturbing pictures!

News Caption Mistakes

News so hard, it doesn't need proofreaders!

The Stephen Island Wren

An entire species wiped out thanks to one single individual.