A Most Useful Tattoo

Most of us get them to make a statement, but have you ever seen one so darn practical?



Get ready to cringe in 3... 2... 1...


Crazy Modified Consoles

A little creativity and skills turns a boring video game system into something totally awesome.

Poor Dog!

If this isn't illegal, it should goddamn jolly well be made illegal!


Luxury Fallout Shelter

Wow, if I had one of these things I'd actually be rooting for a nuclear winter!


Can You Find the Naked Lady?

A woman wearing nothing but skin is in this picture.  Can you find her without cheating?


The Peacock Spider

Oh, the lengths this little guy will go to for a date.

Your Ghetto Ain't Shit

Rappers want to talk about how life is hard in the ghetto.  This African ghetto makes American ghetto's look like country clubs.

Baby-Shaped Root

A farmer unearths something that is creepy and fascinating!

Hell Hath No Fury...

...like a woman scorned.