Twitter Billboard Failure

Who would have thought it?  There's an actual use for dead flies!

Lucky Coyote

When a coyote meets the front bumper of a car, that's usually the end of the story.  Not in this case!


Amputee Tattoos

Loose a body part, get a darkly humorous tattoo!  These people are awesome.


The Norway Sky Spiral

Thousands of Norwegians looked to the sky and said, "WTF is that!?"


The Thin House

Five stories tall, only fifteen feet across, and it's on the market!


San Francisco

It's one of my favorite places on Earth and, with this set of unique photos, we can all see it from a new point of view!

Changing Your Lenin

Russia's preservation of the body of Vladimir Lenin isn't just a simple matter of putting him a freezer.


Earth and Jupiter on Mars

A NASA rover takes a very rare family portrait.


Pineapple Express

A couple of guys make funny with a DVD cover.


A Simple Christmas

If you're planning to "go green" this Christmas, here's a way to do it.