Get Ed Asner to stand next to him and it would be perfect!

Dedicated Teacher

This teacher wants his student to succeed so badly, that he attached an IV bottle to his blackboard and refused to stay home!

Inside Pixar

What an amazing place to have a job.  It makes me wish I had a marketable talent.


Sydney Dust Storm

The famous Australian city goes from beautiful clear skies to a hellish backdrop overnight!



You better watch yourself.  Batman is watching you, punk!

Death by Crayon

Someone needs to get this kid a psychiatrist now!

A Test Faux Pas

Kids are getting molested in this class, I just know it.


DeLorean Monster Truck

Sure, but will it go 88 miles per hour?


Baby Weave

You may think that these pictures are fake, but I assure you... they are merely unbe-weave-able.


Brian Bonsall

He got famous for playing adorable little Andy Keaton on Family Ties and Alexander the Klingon on Star Trek: The Next Generation.  You'll never guess what this winner is doing now!